Why TV4?

TV4 is Sweden's largest commercial TV channel and brings Sweden together with engaging news, great entertainment, live sports, and high-class drama. That means that, as an advertiser, you can reach your customers where they already are.

TV4 in numbers

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The viewers of TV4 and TV4 Play

TV4 has all kinds of viewers, and these viewers are not unique. They are also your customers and the viewers of our competitors. We have made a compilation of the typical TV4 viewer and the typical TV4 Play viewer - taken to the extreme.

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Latest program news

On TV4's press site, you can read about the latest program news regarding TV4's channels and services.


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At TV4, you can easily reach your target group - regardless of whether you want to be seen in a specific location or across the country. Feel free to contact us to find a solution that suits your communication needs.

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