Data Policy

This data policy regulates important matters regarding the handling of data concerning visitors and users of services, websites, etc. controlled by TV4 Media AB and TV4 AB. Such data is referred to as "User Data" below, and the visitors/users are referred to as "Users".

The data policy constitutes a part of all agreements between TV4 Media AB or TV4 AB and advertisers, media agencies, suppliers, and others who may in any way gain access to user data.

The TV4 Media company that has entered into an agreement, is in the following paragraphs referred to as the "Company". The contracting party of the Company is referred to as the "Contracting Party". Agreements referring to this policy (including reference in confirmation of advertising orders, etc.), or to which this policy is annexed, are referred to as the "Agreement". The data policy constitutes an integral part of the Agreement. Any deviations from this policy must be agreed upon in writing.

1. Background to the Data Policy

For TV4 Media, it is of great importance that all group companies apply clear rules for User Data. Users should be able to rely on the fact that data concerning them is not collected or used by outsiders in an uncontrolled manner. Additionally, User Data constitutes an asset to the group companies and should be treated as such.

2. Limitations on Collection and Use of User Data

The Contracting Party may not, without the prior written approval of the Company, fetch, collect, use, transfer, or otherwise process User Data in any way other than as expressly stated in this data policy. This means, among other things, that the Contracting Party may not, without the prior written approval of the Company, fetch, collect, use, transfer, or otherwise process User Data for its or others commercial purposes, including but not limited to future advertising (including retargeting), creation or reuse of profiles, target groups, and segments, etc.

This limitation also means that for these purposes, the Contracting Party may not use cookies, unique identifiers, or other means to track Users, except as stated in point 3 below.

The Contracting Party is responsible for informing its subcontractors about the content and meaning of this data policy. Regardless of whether the Contracting Party has fulfilled that commitment or not, the Contracting Party is responsible for its subcontractors' actions in the same way as for its own actions. For clarity, it is noted that a third party engaged in accordance with point 3 below is a subcontractor.

The Company reserves the right to request that even the Contracting Party's subcontractors sign this data policy. If this occurs, it does not relieve the Contracting Party of its responsibility for the subcontractors' actions.

3. Anonymous Data for Statistical Collection

Point 2 above does not prevent the Contracting Party itself or through a third party (such as a media agency) from collecting anonymized data solely for the purpose of measuring, comparing, and analyzing the outcome of advertising, for example, regarding the number of views, ad clicks, and conversions. Cookies and other tracking methods may then be used only to the extent necessary for this purpose. The Contracting Party is strictly responsible for ensuring that the third party engaged to perform such measurement does not use User Data for any purpose other than as stated in this paragraph.

In any other case than expressly stated in this point 3, the Contracting Party may not grant access to User Data to third parties (including ad tech providers and tracking providers) or enable the transfer of User Data to third parties or external websites.

The Contracting Party must obtain the Company's prior written consent if the Contracting Party intends to use a third-party provider other than those listed in the Company's list of approved third-party providers,

Approved measurement and verification technology

TV4 has always been a driving force in matters concerning industry-wide measurement currency and transparent standards for advertising. The introduction of GDPR further underscores this need.

After completing a risk assessment, TV4 has decided that the following third-party measurement tools are accepted for advertising measurement provided that the measurement continues to take place in accordance with TV4's data policy.

  • Adform

  • Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek)

  • Audience Project

  • Azerion, Delta Projects

  • BidTheatre

  • DoubleVerify

  • Dynata

  • Exactag

  • Flashtalking

  • Google Marketing Platform

  • Integral ad science

  • Kantar

  • MMS

  • Nielsen

  • RAM

Approved ad serving technology

TV4 has decided that the following ad servers are accepted, provided that data management continues to take place in accordance with TV4's data policy.

  • Adform

  • Azerion, Delta Projects

  • BidTheatre

  • Google Marketing Platform

4. Right to Inspect and Review

The Contracting Party shall allow the Company's personnel, authorized representatives (including external audit firms), and any other party that the Company has a legal obligation to grant access to or allow for audits (including the Swedish Data Protection Authority), access to all information required to review, verify, and assess the Company's compliance with its obligations in this data policy.

5. Personal Data

In the event that User Data contains personal data, such data shall be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679, GDPR), and a data processing agreement shall be established. The Contracting Party undertakes not to process personal data in a manner that conflicts with the General Data Protection Regulation.

6. Penalties for Violations

It is of the utmost importance for the Company that this data policy is complied with. In case of suspected violation of the terms, the Company therefore has the right to immediately suspend all advertising or other cooperation and to take any other measures that the Company deems appropriate to prevent further violations.

Each violation of the terms of this policy constitutes a material breach of the Agreement, giving the Company the right to immediately terminate the Agreement and claim compensation for any damage suffered by the Company as a result of the violation. This applies regardless of any limitations of liability in the Agreement.

7. Changes to the Data Policy

The Company reserves the right to update this data policy as needed. It is therefore the responsibility of the Contracting Party to regularly review the latest version of the data policy.